June 27, 2010

The efficiency of EU regulation

More highly useful regulation from the EU which for some reason the country never before found itself needing before. The EU has is in the process of deciding that it will no longer be legal to sell multiple items, for example a dozen eggs. From now on it would need to be sold as a single unit. According to the Telegraph:

The changes would cost the food and retail industries millons of pounds as items would have to be individually weighed to ensure the accuracy of the label.

The Grocer said food industry sources had described the move as "bonkers" and "absolute madness". Its editor, Adam Leyland, said the EU had "created a multi-headed monster".

The Food Standards Agency indicated it opposed the change and that the regulation had yet to be finalised.

I'm sure that those in favour of the EU will claim that this regulation was already needed and the government was going to do it anyway therefore we are actually reducing regulation by taking this to the EU level. Even though currently we do not do this and the national regulator does not want it so I don't see it myself.


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